Taking the hoping and guessing out of your wedding day; making sure it is perfect
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A bridesmaid for hire

I am here for you. I will be a wedding sherpa for the DIY bride in over her head or a first-time Maid of Honor who doesn't know how, have time, or simply doesn't want to do the party planning and everything else included with the privilege of being in the bride's tribe. 


All packages are tailored to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and requests.
  • Mimosa Brunch

    Whether you just need someone to call and tell you ‘you’ve got this’, some unbiased advice, or a little help with your to-do list… I’m only a phone call, Skype or coffee date away. 
  • Tequilla Sunrise

    Weddings can be a headache and event planners can be pricey. Enter: Me! Let me handle all of your day of coordination so you and your girls can focus on having all of the fun.    
  • All in

    You have a friend in me through this entire wedding adventure! I will be there through all of the planning to standing next to you at the altar. I will be a professional and kind meditation coach and chaos manager. Most of all, I will be there for you 100%. 
  • m.o.h's Secret coach

    I will help you plan the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, be here for all of your questions, help keep you organized with monthly to-do lists, help write the toast and keep more money in your wallet by creating a budget plan. Best of all, you get all of the credit!    
  • one-on-one

    Book a coffee or Skype date with me. We will set up a monthly plan of to do’s leading up to the big day. I'll research, pin and plan both the bachelorette party and bridal shower, help you write your toast, and chat you through all of the unknowns that come with having the honor of being ring leader. Bonus: I’ll send you a "no fail" bridal fanny pack to save literally almost any situation.    
  • bridestribe

    Exclusive access to my video series and a day-of checklist to make sure you shine as a bridesmaid. 


Hiring me is hiring a friend, a hype girl, and a wedding coordinator all in one. I will be behind the scenes as a virtual assistant or in person right there with you. Think of me as your personal wedding guru. 

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